Prepare Your Home For The Summer Season!

hallwayHome Maintenance Tips for Summer

Even though the first week of summer has already come and gone, it is never too late to get your home ready for the hottest season of the year! While putting your winter coats in storage and pulling out your flip flops, it is the best time to make sure your home is ready for the rising temperatures. Keep these summer home tips in mind to make your house as comfortable as possible this season.

  • Let the air in – while you may be tempted to shut all your windows and doors to keep the hot weather outside, it can make your home seem very stuffy. When the temperatures drop overnight, open your windows to let the cold air cool down your house. You may also want to consider putting a house plant in front of your windows to help purify the air even more.
  • Check your air conditioning – most A/C units recommend that you change out the air filters at least every 90 days, but not many people stick to that rule. While it may seem a little bothersome, changing out your filters can help to keep your air conditioning running its best. If you have pets or some family members that suffer from allergies, consider replacing your filters every 30 days to help breathe a little easier.
  • Check your gutters – chances are your rain gutter is full of dry leaves from fall and winter. While it may not seem like a big deal, clogged gutters can cause serious issues during a summer rain storm. Clear out your rain gutters to help protect your roof and walls.


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