Most Common Causes of Auto Accidents

Driving tips to help keep you out of accidents.   Believe it or not, but even the safest of drivers may have serious downfalls that put them in danger. Getting behind the wheel of a moving car is not only a huge responsibility, but one that should be done with care and safety. However, all too often, American drivers get distracted or get caught up doing something they shouldn’t. While you can’t eliminate every risk on the road, staying aware of the common causes of car accidents may … [Read more...]

Don’t Fall into These Bad Driving Habits

Break these bad motorist habits for a smooth road to safety. Many motorists on the road slip into some bad driving habits when they’re comfortable on the road. However, these often result in crashes, collisions, or traffic violations! In the U.S., there are an average of 35,000 deaths a year resulting from traffic accidents. As we all know, accidents don’t just happen; they are caused. Cars might be getting smarter, but this doesn’t mean that the driver has to think any less. Avoid these … [Read more...]

Hosting A Holiday Party? Keep These Considerations In Mind

Hosting a holiday party opens the door to many potential legal issues. Now that the holiday season is here, you may find yourself planning and hosting different parties for all of your friends and family. While parties can be fun for everyone, it is important to make sure you know the risks that you are taking on. Keep these holiday party hosting considerations in mind to help prevent any issues. If you are providing alcohol to your guests during your party, you are taking on social host … [Read more...]

Choosing The Right Liability Limits For Your Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance Liability Limits The liability limits of your auto insurance policy will provide coverage for any property damage or bodily injuries that you cause in an accident. Fully understanding your liability limits and requirements can help to make sure that you have the coverage you deserve while on the road. Auto liability insurance will provide coverage for three main situations, including: Property damage – which will cover any damage that you cause to another person’s property … [Read more...]

Dangers of Driving During the Summer

Summer Driving Hazards Summer road trips are the perfect, carefree way to enjoy the warm weather with your loved ones. However, before you head out on the road, there are some steps that you should take to make sure that you are staying safe while on the road. Driving during the summer can be one of the most dangerous times to be on the road. Between Memorial Day May and Labor Day in September, the number of car accidents increases significantly. There are many reasons that there are a … [Read more...]

Check Your Auto Insurance Coverage and 3 Tips to Protect Yourself if an Accident Occurs

Planning for the worst is the best way to come away from any incident with the most benefits. Check your car insurance coverage to understand what will be covered in the event you're involved in a car accident. Additionally, there are 3 things that will make the mishap more bearable. Call 911 before doing anything else. This can be done while checking to see if anyone needs an ambulance so the dispatcher can relay the proper services. Stay put and wait for the police to arrive. Unless you … [Read more...]