Tips to Prepare Your Car for Festivals This Season

The festival season is here – Is your car ready?  Do you want to turn your festival adventure into a road trip? Driving gives you flexibility, makes it easy to carry that tent, and leaves you free to explore. If you’re going to a local or nearby festival, driving is a fun way to travel there! A little planning ahead, such as what to pack and where to park, can help your trip to go smoothly. Put down that flower crown and fanny pack – it’s time to get organized first! Here are a few tips to … [Read more...]

Don’t Fall into These Bad Driving Habits

Break these bad motorist habits for a smooth road to safety. Many motorists on the road slip into some bad driving habits when they’re comfortable on the road. However, these often result in crashes, collisions, or traffic violations! In the U.S., there are an average of 35,000 deaths a year resulting from traffic accidents. As we all know, accidents don’t just happen; they are caused. Cars might be getting smarter, but this doesn’t mean that the driver has to think any less. Avoid these … [Read more...]

Keep an Eye Out for Animals on the Road!

Stay alert for Bambi and friends roaming the roads. Motorists have a lot to think about: surrounding cars, the speed limit, pedestrians, and how to comfort children kicking the front seat. In addition, drivers must think about animals wandering onto the roads. The danger of coming nose to nose with an animal on the road is that you, the animal, and your vehicle can face serious damages. Ploughing into a live animal will not only bother your conscious, but it’ll strain you financially as … [Read more...]

How to: Drive in Sun Glare

Driving into the sun can create blinding conditions. See what you can do to increase visibility! While driving off into the sunset is a popular, romanticized vision, low-lying sun can make it impossible to see the road ahead. Not ideal for a safe, never mind fun, journey! The roads can be a real nightmare – is there such a thing as a ‘daymare’? – at this time of year, not least because the glare from the sun close to the horizon can reduce visibility to almost zero. Fortunately, although … [Read more...]

How To: Budget for the Cost of Auto Insurance

Planning for an auto insurance premium allows you determine your desired coverage! Sometimes unique circumstances, such as owning an expensive car or having a high number of accidents or tickets on your driving record, requires you to pay more money to insure your car. If this is the case, remember one thing: you always have options! Whether you’re experiencing high premiums or looking to insure your new car, searching for correct coverage with affordable auto insurance can be a challenge – but … [Read more...]

Does Working from Home Help You save on Car Insurance?

If you work from home, you could save yourself expenses! Whether you agree that working from home is a more productive method, or that it’s just an excuse to get sidetracked by watching TV in pajamas, more and more companies are opting for ‘telecommute’ staff. Not only does this cut down on office space, and office bills, but it allows employees flexibility of work hours. If you’re someone who works from home, whether as an employee or as a business owner, you should consider if this saved … [Read more...]

New Year, New Smart Resolutions!

Resolve to be smarter with insurance this coming year! The impending new year is a time when many people pledge to lose weight, save more money, and be more organized! However, mid-year (or mid-January, depending on how determined you are), exercise equipment gathers dust and bank savings are depleted. These are familiar signs of the way New Year’s resolutions are often quickly abandoned! There are a few resolutions that you’ll not only want to make but to be prudent about: insurance! … [Read more...]