Do You Know the Rules On Car Headlights?

The dark nights and mornings still have us reaching for our headlights, but do you know the rules? While we’re still turning on our headlights frequently, now is a good time as any to check our lights are in working condition but to also brush up on the rules and regulations! For some, it has become second nature to turn their headlights on at night, during harsh weather, or to let others know where you are when visibility declines. For others, they are driving in fog, at night, in a black … [Read more...]

Tips to Get Your Motorcycle Ready for Summer

Motorcycle Maintenance Tips Summer has officially started, which means that it is time to jump on your motorcycle and enjoy the warm weather. If your bike has been sitting in your garage waiting for the sun to come out, it is vital to take the time to ensure that it is ready for the road. Keep these motorcycle maintenance tips in mind before you hit the road. Replace coolant, spark plugs, and engine oil – while your bike sits in storage, your spark plugs can easily corrode, so replace them … [Read more...]