Insuring Your Home Business

Running a home-based business isn’t easy, here’s how you can insure it to protect your business equipment.  If you run a business from the comfort of your own home, you may not have enough insurance to protect your business equipment. A standard homeowners insurance policy provides only $2,500 coverage for business equipment, which is likely not enough to cover all of your property associated with your business. As a business, you will likely need coverage for liability and lost income. You … [Read more...]

Three Steps to Grow Your Small Business

Entrepreneurs, learn how to grow your small business naturally. As an entrepreneur, you’re constantly looking for opportunities to expand your business. After all, a few promotions here and a couple of emails there can make a big difference in the long run. But once you’ve exhausted these options, it’s time to step up your marketing game and grow your business organically. All marketing requires some expense. But, do it correctly, and you will see a significant return on investment, in both … [Read more...]

How to Cover Losses with Business Interruption Insurance

Review your business policy before disaster hits.   Disasters can strike at any time, causing many companies to go under. Even the ones that don’t may have to close their doors to recover temporarily. When a major accident hits, most businesses turn to their insurance for the coverage and protection to rebuild. Standard property insurance covers physical damage and losses, such as equipment in a fire. However, you may be on your own if you need to close the doors to recover. Even so, … [Read more...]

How and Why to Establish Transparency in Your Business

Establish your business as open and honest to reap the benefits. In this age of digital exposure, consumers can find out business’ rates, reviews, core policies, team members, and more with the touch of a button. More and more, people want to do business with other people, not a faceless company with no personality, or worse, a shady past. Part of what makes businesses successful today is an open and honest outlook that’s followed through with actions. Here is why and how to establish more … [Read more...]

What You Didn’t Know About Business Insurance

What you need to know about protecting your small business. Business or commercial insurance is something that many business owners may not think about too much, especially small ones. The right policy can save your company if you’re faced with unexpected damage, shutdown, or other issues that affect your company’s ability to operate normally. Here’s a look at four aspects of business insurance that you may not have considered for your policy! Cyber Liability: Even small businesses are … [Read more...]

What is Employer’s Liability Insurance?

Get covered – not caught out. Businesses must have employer’s liability insurance.   As an employer, it’s your responsibility to protect the health and safety of your employees during working hours. No matter how safe you think you are, workplace injuries can happen when you least expect them. If your employee gets injured or becomes ill while working for you, they may try to claim compensation from your business. Employer’s liability insurance is one part of a workers’ compensation … [Read more...]

Why Your Business Needs an Injury Management Strategy

Safeguard your business with an injury strategy and plan in place. Most business owners like to believe that their place of work is a safe one. Even though you do your best to signpost spills, tidy up tripping hazards, and provide the right safety equipment, accidents happen. While injured employees should never be considered routine, your response plan should be. With an injury management strategy, your employees will not only be safer, but it could lower the cost of workers’ compensation … [Read more...]