Will My Premium Go Up If I File a Claim?

If you fail to file a claim because you fear that your premium will go up, you could be at risk. Many people wonder if they should report their car accident, or if they can get away with keeping it off the books. While practices vary from company to company, in general an insurer will increase your auto insurance premium by specific percentages for each chargeable claim made against your policy above a specific dollar amount. The increase of your premium typically lasts for three years … [Read more...]

After A Fender-Bender: What To Do

A Quick Guide To Recovering From A Minor Accident Even the most minor accident can get your heart racing and your palms sweaty. Hearing an unexpected “Crunch!” while behind the wheel will inevitably give you a moment of panic. You get out of the car to assess the damage and—much to your relief—find that the accident was minor. Even a small fender bender merits some care, though. So you can best protect yourself and your car, follow these steps after a car accident. Check For Injuries: … [Read more...]

Maximizing Child Safety in Cars

No matter how many parenting books you read, it seems that we learn something new every day about parenting. According to AAA, 75% of car seats are installed improperly, leaving room for disaster if you are involved in a car accident. Gathered is a list a few very common, but dangerous, child-safety mistakes: No matter how ready you think your child is for the big boy or girl chair, there are rules and restrictions for a reason. Small children do not receive sufficient protection from seat … [Read more...]