Save on Your Homeowners Insurance With These Discounts

Home Insurance Discounts The easiest way to start saving on your homeowners insurance policy is to ask your insurance agent about any discounts that you may qualify for. While each home insurance company will offer slightly different discounts to their customers, there are certain discounts that are offered across the board. Some of the most common home insurance discounts that can help you start saving money include: Multi-policy discounts – if you bundle your homeowners insurance policy … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Save on Homeowners Insurance

  As many may know, mortgage lenders require homeowners to obtain homeowners’ insurance upon purchasing their home! During this already hectic time, you may be inclined to sign the papers, submit the payments, and worry about it later. We want to help you receive the most for your money, which is why we’ve gathered a list of 5 ways that you can save on your homeowners’ insurance policy, without sacrificing coverage: Never purchase insurance from the first carrier you receive a quote … [Read more...]