Light Up Every Room in Your Home with These Tips

Is your home a cave? Brighten up your home with these tips! Studies show that natural light positively affects our mood. While you may not realize it, if you have been feeling tired or stressed, you could be living in a cave with limited natural light. Humans often act and feel better in a home that has plenty of natural light, as well as light-inspired décor. It is okay if you do not have natural light streaming through your rooms; there are some easy décor tips that you can do to jazz up … [Read more...]

Home Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar

Homeowners, it’s time to put the apple cider vinegar to use! For plenty of homeowners, that bottle of apple cider vinegar is a staple. It sits in the cupboard, waiting to be sprinkled on a salad – only now and again. Well, it’s time to get it out, wipe the dust off, and start using it around the house. Yes, apple cider vinegar has plenty of uses around the house, believe it or not! Check out these useful ways! Remove candle wax. Remove as much wax as you can by hand, then use a 1:1 … [Read more...]