Top Insurance Misconceptions That Confuse Consumers

Don’t get caught out with the wrong insurance because you believed the misconceptions. If you rely on the Internet or what you hear from others to understand what business insurance can and can’t do, chances are you’ve heard (and perhaps believed) a few myths along the way. For clarity and your sanity, check out a few of the common insurance misconceptions and the facts to go along with it. My homeowners insurance covers my property against all types of losses. Your homeowners insurance … [Read more...]

Self-Motivating Tips Everyone Should Know

Do not succumb to laziness – Use these self-motivation tips! Everyone goes through a slump now and again. From burning the candle at both ends or feeling unsatisfied in an area of your life, sometimes it is easy to get stuck in a lifeless routine of being lazy and doing the minimal work. More often than not, it takes a little hard work to motivate yourself to get going again. We all face obstacles, we all feel uninspired from time to time, but that’s no reason to let yourself down. The more … [Read more...]

How (and Why!) To Get in Movement at Work

If you sit at your desk all day, you’ll need to start moving more! Even though you may think that sitting down all day doesn’t cause much wear and tear on your body, research shows otherwise. While your physical body suffers from staying seated all day, your long-term health is severely impacted, too. There are important reasons how and why to get more movement in at work! If you stay seated all day, you could be raising your chances of getting heart disease by 64 percent, as well as … [Read more...]

How Do I Choose the Right Home Insurance Deductible?

Choosing the right deductible is essential for every homeowner.   Homeowners insurance is there to keep your belongings protected, right? While it does, it only protects you up until a certain limit. A deductible is there to safeguard your finances, as well as your belongings. While every homeowner will understand that insurance keeps their home and belongings protected throughout perils and lengthy lawsuits, many overlook the importance of the deductible. Within your home insurance is a … [Read more...]

Back to School Tips for Every Parent

Get your children ready to go back to school before the bell rings. For most parents, the summer can seem endless, along with their child’s energy! Children headed back to school is a welcomed sight for many. After all, starting the new school year can be a time of great excitement for both you and your children. However, preparation is key for a smooth back-to-school transition! Check out these tips for parents to get children ready to go back to school. Launch a Sleep Routine Before … [Read more...]

8 Must-Bring Camping Essentials

Don’t miss this checklist of camping essentials for your summer trip. There’s nothing quite like sleeping in the outdoors or the almost outdoors. Camping is a great way to get out in nature and have fun doing so! As June is Camping Month, it’s essential that you’re fully prepared for the season ahead. Whether you’re a first-time camper or have slept under many starry nights, always pack these essentials: First Aid Kit – Burns, scratches, cuts, or bumps – one of these is bound to happen … [Read more...]

Tips to Kick Your Cold and Flu!

Mitigate the misery of the cold and flu with these home remedies. It may just be a cold, but it’s nothing to sneeze at. Not fully recovering from a cold can quickly lead to the full-blown flu. Whether you have either one or the other, treating your symptoms naturally can speed up your recovery! A cold and the flu are similar, but the latter is generally more intense and long-lasting. Here are some common symptoms of them both: Fever Cough Sore throat Runny or stuffy nose Body … [Read more...]