How to Conduct Your Home Inventory

Having a home inventory is important in case a disaster were to strike! See how to conduct a home inventory here: Start your home inventory by making a list of your possessions.  Describing each item, and noting the make and model and where each item was purchased. If you do not have a carefully documented home inventory, it can be difficult to secure the reimbursements you will need to replace each item in the event of a natural disaster, home fire, or burglary. What Should be Included: You … [Read more...]

Are Your Jewels Protected?

Insurance Protection For Your Jewelry Investing in the right homeowners insurance policy is the best way to ensure that all of your assets are protected from any unfortunate situation. However, if you have any valuable jewelry, your existing homeowners insurance policy may not provide enough coverage. Keep these tips in mind to ensure that all of your jewels are properly protected. Review your coverage – look over your insurance policy to see what the limits are for your jewelry coverage. … [Read more...]