Back to School Tips for Every Parent

Get your children ready to go back to school before the bell rings. For most parents, the summer can seem endless, along with their child’s energy! Children headed back to school is a welcomed sight for many. After all, starting the new school year can be a time of great excitement for both you and your children. However, preparation is key for a smooth back-to-school transition! Check out these tips for parents to get children ready to go back to school. Launch a Sleep Routine Before … [Read more...]

The Disaster Survival Tool That Your Business Is Missing

Does your business have this critical disaster survival tool? After a disaster hits your business, it’s easy to believe that it won’t happen again. The cold reality of it is that if your business experiences disaster once, it may easily happen again. Even with the best safeguards in place, your business can be at risk. From fire to floods to natural disasters, some perils are out of your control. Even if you can’t stop the disaster from disrupting your business, there are ways to stop your … [Read more...]

Don’t Miss the Upcoming La Habra Corn Festival!

Mark your calendars for La Habra’s Corn Festival on August 5th – 7th, 2016. If you’re a fan of corn, you won’t want to miss the La Habra Corn Festival from August 5th to August 7th, 2016. The 68th annual event is back this summer and promises to be better than ever! There is only one corn festival in Southern California – and you won’t want to miss out! The History The Corn Festival is the signature event for the La Habra Host Lions Club. It’s been a success for decades and it continues to … [Read more...]

Tips to Prepare Your Car for Festivals This Season

The festival season is here – Is your car ready?  Do you want to turn your festival adventure into a road trip? Driving gives you flexibility, makes it easy to carry that tent, and leaves you free to explore. If you’re going to a local or nearby festival, driving is a fun way to travel there! A little planning ahead, such as what to pack and where to park, can help your trip to go smoothly. Put down that flower crown and fanny pack – it’s time to get organized first! Here are a few tips to … [Read more...]

What to Do When a Rock Hits Your Windshield

We’ve all been there – a rock pings your window and cracks the glass! Here’s what to do. It happens to the best of us. Maybe your car is parked under a tree, near a building site, or you’re driving behind construction crew – somehow the windshield gets hit with debris. A pebble or rock can quickly pick up speed and momentum, causing your windscreen to crack the moment it contacts; not to mention, it can scare the life out of you if it’s unexpected! Steps to Take Rather than ignore the small … [Read more...]

Don’t Miss the Free Summer Concerts in the Park!

Summer concerts not to miss out on! Concerts are held during the summer, completely free to the public, in La Habra and La Habra Heights. If you are looking for a great way to spend your summer evenings, these concerts certainly hit the spot! Open seating is first come, first served, and guests are welcome to bring their chairs and blankets for seating. Pack up a picnic while you’re at it, but leave out the alcoholic beverages as they will not be allowed into the grounds. Check out the … [Read more...]

Common Suits Against Businesses (& How to Protect Yours!)

Find out what potential threats your business could face. Business owners all want to believe that they have a good company to work for. Unfortunately, not everyone can see it this way. With that said, if your employees have felt that the business has mistreated them in some way, they will usually take action against your company. With the increase of litigation comes more lawsuits, but, fortunately, there are more ways to protect yourself and your business. Read up on the most common … [Read more...]