Secure Your Life Insurance While You’re Expecting

If a stork is headed your way, you’ll want to secure your life insurance policies. Parents-to-be tend to be consumed in a 9-month haze of doctors’ appointments, nursery decorating, and satisfying food cravings. While there is a lot to do and remember, it’s important that life insurance isn’t forgotten about. As expecting parents, you may ask the following questions! Do we need life insurance? Life insurance is a financial safety net for your family when you are no longer around to … [Read more...]

Back-To-School Health Tips

For parents and children, the back-to-school season can bring light new colds and the flu. Returning to school means no more late nights, zoning out in front of the TV, or snacking throughout the day. Not only do children need to regulate their schedule, but parents do too. From resetting the body clock, to visiting the pediatrician, here are some tips to ensure that you and your children maintain good health while adjusting to the new school year: Establish a Sleep Routine Start around … [Read more...]