Top Insurance Misconceptions That Confuse Consumers

Don’t get caught out with the wrong insurance because you believed the misconceptions. If you rely on the Internet or what you hear from others to understand what business insurance can and can’t do, chances are you’ve heard (and perhaps believed) a few myths along the way. For clarity and your sanity, check out a few of the common insurance misconceptions and the facts to go along with it. My homeowners insurance covers my property against all types of losses. Your homeowners insurance … [Read more...]

Avoid Making These Life Insurance Mistakes

Frequent life insurance mistakes to avoid when purchasing a policy. Life insurance coverage is there to protect and provide for your family in the event of your death. Although it can be complicated, it is no reason not to persevere to find the right policy. As there are different options of coverage available, there are some common misconceptions about purchasing life insurance policies. This can quickly lead to people being underinsured, having the wrong coverage, and experiencing a decline … [Read more...]

What Is Your Home Insurance Lacking?

Do you know where your home insurance stops? Your homeowners insurance policy is there to protect your house and belongings in the event of a disaster or accident. However, homeowners are often surprised (not to mention heartbroken) to learn that certain items are excluded from coverage when filing a claim with their insurance. What if we told you that your grand piano, great grandmother’s wedding ring, and First-Edition painting were excluded from coverage? Every policy has its limits, but … [Read more...]

Don’t Miss the Free Summer Concerts in the Park!

Summer concerts not to miss out on! Concerts are held during the summer, completely free to the public, in La Habra and La Habra Heights. If you are looking for a great way to spend your summer evenings, these concerts certainly hit the spot! Open seating is first come, first served, and guests are welcome to bring their chairs and blankets for seating. Pack up a picnic while you’re at it, but leave out the alcoholic beverages as they will not be allowed into the grounds. Check out the … [Read more...]

Keep an Eye Out for Animals on the Road!

Stay alert for Bambi and friends roaming the roads. Motorists have a lot to think about: surrounding cars, the speed limit, pedestrians, and how to comfort children kicking the front seat. In addition, drivers must think about animals wandering onto the roads. The danger of coming nose to nose with an animal on the road is that you, the animal, and your vehicle can face serious damages. Ploughing into a live animal will not only bother your conscious, but it’ll strain you financially as … [Read more...]

Does Working from Home Help You save on Car Insurance?

If you work from home, you could save yourself expenses! Whether you agree that working from home is a more productive method, or that it’s just an excuse to get sidetracked by watching TV in pajamas, more and more companies are opting for ‘telecommute’ staff. Not only does this cut down on office space, and office bills, but it allows employees flexibility of work hours. If you’re someone who works from home, whether as an employee or as a business owner, you should consider if this saved … [Read more...]

Life Insurance Terms You Need To Know

Life Insurance Terms Choosing the right life insurance plan is the best way to make sure that your loved ones have the financial protection that they need when you pass away. With all the specialty terms and insurance jargon that is included in your life insurance policy, it can be easy to get confused about your coverage. Make sure you fully understand these life insurance terms so that you can fully understand your life insurance coverage. The beneficiary of your policy is the person who … [Read more...]