Make Me-Time with Google Goals

Google Goals are set up so that you can finally focus on self-improvement. Google has consistently been on top of its game for the past decade – to say the least. Now, leading the way with self-motivation and development, Google Goals is introduced to the public. We all have busy lives, and in this day and age, we spend a significant amount of time on our phones attempting to organize our days. Managing work, family life, social life, chores, and sleep can have us burning the candle at both … [Read more...]

Are Your Jewels Protected?

Insurance Protection For Your Jewelry Investing in the right homeowners insurance policy is the best way to ensure that all of your assets are protected from any unfortunate situation. However, if you have any valuable jewelry, your existing homeowners insurance policy may not provide enough coverage. Keep these tips in mind to ensure that all of your jewels are properly protected. Review your coverage – look over your insurance policy to see what the limits are for your jewelry coverage. … [Read more...]