Make Me-Time with Google Goals

Google Goals are set up so that you can finally focus on self-improvement. Google has consistently been on top of its game for the past decade – to say the least. Now, leading the way with self-motivation and development, Google Goals is introduced to the public. We all have busy lives, and in this day and age, we spend a significant amount of time on our phones attempting to organize our days. Managing work, family life, social life, chores, and sleep can have us burning the candle at both … [Read more...]

Grab Your Walking Boots For The Best Hikes in La Habra, CA!

Explore the beautiful city of La Habra, CA – on foot! While we’re in the day-n-age of exploring cities by bus, car, and helicopter, often the best and most exciting adventure you can enjoy is on foot! With the constant sunshine in Southern California, it’s possible to take these trails at any time during the year! Here are a few of the top-rated hikes located around La Habra, CA! Turnball Canyon This 4-mile loop offers incredible scenic views and a water tower, too. The hike itself is … [Read more...]

Time These Home Safety Checks to Daylight Savings for Easy Recollection

The start of daylight savings time can be used for more than just changing clocks. Here are a couple of home maintenance tasks that are easily associated to this particular day: Check your medications, and throw out any that have expired. How Stuff Works notes that you shouldn't toss any expired products into the toilet or garbage. Instead, take them to your local pharmacy for proper disposal. Another thing to check is your first aid kit. During the year, you might have used up some of the … [Read more...]