Kick off the Football Season with These Tailgating Safety Tips

Tailgate Safety Tips La Habra CADon’t abandon these safety tips when celebrating the game.

The football season is back, and many are prepping their barbeques and cars ready for the tailgating parties scheduled. While you may think you’re all set with the cold beer in the cooler and your football jersey already on, you may be missing out on a few essential safety tips.

To catch you up before the season kicks off, read on.

Keep It Cool

Nothing spoils your tailgate fun more than spoiled food, so before you leave the house, always make sure that your perishable items are in an insulated cooler. Make sure there’s enough ice inside to keep your food at a safe temperature. Pack your cooler with the heavier, liquid items on the bottom.

Secure a Ride

Don’t ruin the fun by making a bad decision. Make sure that you designate a driver at the beginning of the day so that everyone gets home safely. By assigning a designated driver before the game, you eliminate the possibility of an impaired driver getting behind the wheel, which allows you to focus your energy and excitement on the big game.

Hide and Seek

While you’re inside watching the game, criminals could be winning a game of their own by breaking into fans’ vehicle. Leaving valuables at home is never a bad policy, but if you must bring certain belongings with you, always hide them from plain sight and lock all of the doors.

Let it Roll

Before heading back home after the game, clear your car’s pathway of debris. Football fans like to have fun, and often leave a trail of rubbish in their path. Whether it’s plastic containers or glass bottles, your tires are easily susceptible to damage.

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