How to Make Your Teen a Better Driver

Teen a Better Driver Auto Insurance La Habra CASteer your teen into the safe lane with these driving tips.


Driving is one of the most dangerous things your teenager can do. It’s the leading cause of death for people ages 16 to 19, per the Centers for Disease Control. As a parent, you do what you can to protect your child. When they’re behind the wheel of a vehicle, it’s easy to feel worried and desperate to ensure their safety. Fortunately, establishing safe driving habits helps to keep them safe on the roads.


It’s advised that your teen has as much experience learning while they have their permit as possible. Of course, a safe and skilled adult should be in the passenger seat to guide them through the process, as well as a trained instructor. Only advise your teen to take their test when they’re comfortable on the roads and happy being behind the wheel!


It’s no secret that teenagers get distracted on the roads. To tackle this, teach them the dangers of using their phone while driving. Many may not be aware of the damage they can cause from simply sending a quick text. Encourage your teen to put their phone well out of reach, leave the radio alone, and solely focus on the road ahead.


Teenagers in the passenger and back seats may not only be a distraction to your teen but encourage him or her to speed or make risky maneuvers. Talk to your child about this and limit the number of passengers that can go in the vehicle until he or she is more comfortable and confident on the roads.


Making turns is a difficult skill to master, especially making an unprotected left turn. Maintaining a safe following distance may even be tricky for new drivers. Teens need plenty of practice gauging how long it takes to safely make a turn and how much distance they should keep between their vehicle and the one in front.

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