The Best Type of Life Insurance for You

Life insuranceIf you are considering life insurance (and you should) you will be faced with the decision of choosing between two basic forms of coverage. There is term insurance and permanent insurance. Your goals and stage in life will determine what type of insurance is best for you.

Term insurance is a low cost insurance that will cover you for a specified period of time. Common term life insurance periods are 10 year, 20 year or 30 year term. If you buy a home with a 30 year mortgage for example, you might want 30 year term insurance to make sure the insurance will cover your mortgage in the event of your death.

Permanent insurance will cover you as long you make your premium payments. Many choose permanent insurance because it will cover them even if their health deteriorates and it builds a cash value. That means although permanent insurance is more expensive than term insurance, it retains and builds value as the years go by.

The type of insurance that is best for you can be determined quickly when you contact Martplan Insurance Agency of La Habra, Murrieta and El Monte, California.