The Most Common Places People Forget To Apply Sunscreen

By Samir Patil

You know how it goes: you’ve been hanging out by the pool or lake, and after an hour or so… oh darn, you forgot to put on sunscreen! You should always apply sunblock to prevent premature wrinkles, skin cancer, and other skin problems that keep you from aging gracefully. But of course, sunscreen only works as a preventative measure if you actually use it. Here are a few places that are commonly forgotten, and how you can prevent damage if you’ve already been burned.

What you’re forgetting: your neck and chest.

Why it’s important: Your neck shows your age just as much, if not more so, than your face, especially if you’re using an anti wrinkle face cream to keep your face free of fine lines. When you forget to protect your neck and chest, they collect wrinkles and age spots quickly.

What you can do: If you missed these areas and are rocking some damaged skin, you can heal the burn by using anti aging skin care products that contain aloe. Aloe helps soothe the burn, and the anti aging skin care products help prevent wrinkles from forming by keeping the skin hydrated. You can also apply an anti aging skin cream to help reduce the appearance of existing wrinkles if this isn’t the first time you’ve forgotten your neck or chest.

What you’re forgetting: your thighs.

Why it’s important: You don’t think about the backs of your thighs when you’re sitting in that lounge chair, but as soon as you flip onto your stomach to even out your tan – Lobsterville, population you. Sunburns on the back of your legs can make activities as simple as sitting painful. Don’t ruin the next two weeks of your summer by forgetting this used-more-often-than-you-think area.

What you can do: Apply an aloe vera gel to reduce the stinging pain, and wear only lightweight clothing for a few days until the burn goes away. A burn on your thighs doesn’t prevent you from aging gracefully, but an anti aging skin cream feels nice on the burned area anyway, due to its hydrating properties.

What you’re forgetting: your scalp.

Why it’s important: No one ever thinks to put sunscreen on the part in their hair, but most of the time you’re in the sun, it’s your scalp that’s pointed skyward! A scalp burn can make brushing your hair a pain, and can cause flakiness in your hair as the burn begins to peel.

What you can do: Either work a little bit of sunblock into your part, or wear a hat when you’re in the sun. This can also protect the top of your forehead along your hairline – another place that’s easy to skip – so there’s less need for anti wrinkle facial cream in the future.

How to age gracefully is a question many women and men ask daily. Aging gracefully is not as difficult as one may think. There are a few anti aging skin care products to make the most of the aging process.

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