Time These Home Safety Checks to Daylight Savings for Easy Recollection

The start of daylight savings time can be used for more than just changing clocks. Here are a couple of home maintenance tasks that are easily associated to this particular day:

Check your medications, and throw out any that have expired. How Stuff Works notes that you shouldn’t toss any expired products into the toilet or garbage. Instead, take them to your local pharmacy for proper disposal.

Another thing to check is your first aid kit. During the year, you might have used up some of the supplies. Restock anything that has gotten low.

Check the batteries in your smoke alarms and other equipment. Most smoke alarms sound off when the batteries get low, but to be safe, hit the “test” button. Check your flashlights and other battery-powered emergency supplies as well.

These simple checks take only a few minutes, but they can be great helps for your health and safety. By timing them for day light savings, you’ll always be reminded of when to do them again!

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