Tips On How To Gain Adequate Homeowner Insurance

By Jeannie Hill

Disasters hit news headlines and serve as a reminder that homeowners need to take steps ahead of time to be sure their home and its contents are adequately protected. Taking time to purchase or review an existing insurance coverage is one of homeowner’s essential responsibilities. If filing an insurance claim someday, an adequate and clear insurance policy will expedite and more accurately assess property damage the home has incurred.

Key action steps homeowners should take now to gain adequate homeowner insurance coverage are:

1. Create a Home Inventory List: A categorized list of valuable items listed and supported by taking video footage and pictures will clearly show value. In the event of a homeowner’s insurance claim, it can be used to validate the list of items the homeowner is seeking to replace. Insurance companies often have digital space available to store homeowner’s key information in the cloud; ask the insurance agent. Maintain and update the inventory list annually, or whenever making a significant purchase that needs inclusion.

2. Detail Out Insurance Coverage: Complete and sufficient details for the insurance filing will help ensure adequate homeowner insurance coverage during a claim. If creating a list seems hard at first, don’t put it off. Taking time to record the details of a home’s contents, will make an insurance claim easier and considerable quicker to process.

3. Show Ownership is Clear and Timely: Be sure that a family member is identifiable in each photo to help validate possession. Be sure that videotapes, slides and pictures have a readable date on them. Defuse possible arguments that the items no longer exist or too much time had elapsed since the list was created. The Oklahoma Insurance Department stresses how important it is to protect a home’s contents by having a record of personal property in order to help make an accurate insurance claim.

4. Back-Up Document Files For Proving Adequate Homeowner Insurance: Store copies of important homeowner and insurance documents together in one place so you can easily access them or transport them. Digitizing documents and storing them in the cloud is an excellent idea but don’t skip on having a hard copy stored at a separate location.

5. Don’t Skip On Insurance Coverage: Many homeowners are primarily concerned with saving money, to the point of risking inadequate home coverage in order to get reduced prices. However, the stakes are high that it will cost you more money if a disaster hits uncovered areas. Anything that is not covered in the policy will have to be paid out of the homeowner’s pocket, and generally at a much higher rate. Therefore, one of the most important homeowner insurance tips is to purchase a policy that will cover at least 80% of the home’s value and the dwelling’s belongings.

As the nature of a disaster is often swift and catches homeowners off guard at the moment, pre-planning and early preparation will carry families through a disaster best. Adequate homeowner insurance coverage is something one never wants to need, yet it is so good to have if a disaster happens.

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