How Do Trees Fit into Homeowners Insurance?

Tree house damage

Many homeowners wonder how damage caused from trees fit into their insurance policy.

While the damage from trees is not frequent enough to have tree insurance, the damage caused from fallen trees can be severe. If a tree hits a building of yours that is insured, such as your home, garage, or garden shed, a standard homeowners policy will provide coverage for the damages that the tree has caused.

Trees can fall from wind, lightning or hail, poor maintenance, or due to poor health. Hurricanes can pick up debris, trees, shrubs, and branches that can get launched into your property causing a great deal of damage. Therefore, it does not matter if you own the tree or not, as most insurance companies will not investigate where the tree came from.

If a tree hits an insured structure, such as your home or garage, you will most likely be covered for the cost of removing it, as well as the damage done to the structure and contents. If the tree did not hit an insured structure, there is generally no coverage for debris removal.

Standard home insurance policies also provide coverage for damage caused by fire, lightning, explosion, theft, aircraft, and vandalism. It is important to maintain full coverage in case of accidents and disasters so that your most valuable asset, your home is protected.

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