Keep an Eye Out for Animals on the Road!

Watch Out For Animals on the RoadStay alert for Bambi and friends roaming the roads.

Motorists have a lot to think about: surrounding cars, the speed limit, pedestrians, and how to comfort children kicking the front seat. In addition, drivers must think about animals wandering onto the roads.

The danger of coming nose to nose with an animal on the road is that you, the animal, and your vehicle can face serious damages. Ploughing into a live animal will not only bother your conscious, but it’ll strain you financially as well.

To prevent a fatal accident, put these tips into practice!

  • Avoid distractions. Stay alert on the roads and minimize the distractions that you face. Scan the road in front of you and be especially alert in areas near woods and water. If you see one deer, there are probably several others nearby.
  • Reduce your speed: On rural roads and streets near woods, reduce your speed as you never know when an animal may leap out.
  • Use headlights wisely: At night, use high-beams when possible. This illuminates the road’s edge. If you see a deer ahead, flash your bright lights on and off continuously. Deer tend to fixate on headlights, so flashing lights may cause the animal to scurry off.
  • Brake smartly: To avoid hitting the animal, reduce speed and tap the brakes to warn drivers behind you. If no one is behind you, brake hard.
  • Always obey the speed limits and wear seat belts!

Don’t leave your auto insurance like a deer in the headlights. Review your coverage so that you have protection for your vehicle and your finances in case an animal-vehicle collision occurs.

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