What’s Not Covered with a Standard Homeowners Policy?

home- floodMost homeowners policies cover the essentials, such as coverage for your personal belongings, property structure, liability protection, and living costs in the event that you are unable to live in your house temporarily after an insured disaster. Not all situations; however, are covered on the average homeowners policy.

Earthquakes: Earthquakes, sinkholes and other types of earth movements are typically not covered on a homeowners policy.

Water Damage: Flood insurance is generally not covered on most policies, but can be purchased separately. Many other types of water damage, such as water damage caused by sewer backups, are also not covered.

Maintenance Repairs: Insect damage, smoke damage, mold, and general wear are usually not covered by homeowners insurance.

Personal Injury Liability: Personal liability coverage protects the policy owner in the event of a lawsuit pertaining to the nonphysical injury of another person, such as slander, and is not included on a homeowners policy.

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