Driving Safety Tips During Severe Weather

Staying safe on the roads through El Nino.

A monster El Nino is expected to hit California later this year, which means heavy rains and strong winds. While this is good news for the current drought situation, it could lead to very dangerous situations on the road. Keep these wind and rain driving safety tips in mind to help you stay safe on the roads this season.

  • Anticipate strong gusts – when you are driving through areas that are prone to strong winds or when the weather forecast is predicting severe weather, be ready for strong gusts.
  • Beware of larger vehicles – large vehicles, such as RVs and semi trucks are much more susceptible to high winds, which can cause the vehicles to drift into the next lane. Use extra caution when driving next to or passing a large vehicle during windy conditions.
  • Keep your hands on the wheel – keeping both hands on the wheel can help you stay in control of your vehicle. During any severe weather conditions, make sure to keep your hands on the wheel and your attention on the road.
  • Slow down – taking your time on the road when it is windy or raining can help to keep you safe. Leave a couple minutes early to ensure that you are able to make it to all of your destinations safely.
  • Turn on your lights – your headlights can help to make you more visible and help you see other drivers during heavy rains, even if it is daytime.
  • Leave more space – add at least two more seconds of following time in the rain to help give you more time to slow down and stop when the vehicle in front of you comes to a stop.

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